— The spirit of place

Workshop Atmosphere

Emmanuel works in an environment in his image, bathed in lights, old tools, old equipment and a place with a soul, you really feel an artisan atmosphere, the mastery of ancient craft.

” The environment in which creations take birth are essential, they transcend the energy of the place, they are the reflection of the spirit of the craftsman. “

The life of the craftsman is closely linked to his workplace, his artistic development is in permanent interaction with his universe.
Emmanuel is passionate about the tools, the quality and the ingenuity of the tool. He does not see them as simple tools, he sees in them the years of work, he sees them as faithful and precious companions of the craftsman.

” The old tools are robust, some that I use regularly are more than 100 years old, we can perceive the soul of the craftsmen who used them, it is in a way a form of homage to their work which is mine today. “