Bespoke Art Works

Emmanuel’s work is totally exclusive, each piece is unique. Everything is made by hand. Emmanuel mastered the art of combining forgotten techniques with ultra modern technologies, he likes to explore the materials and push them to their limits. He loves materials passionately, experimenting for a long time before obtaining the results that we know.

Many pieces are made specifically to the customer’s specifications. This brings a very exclusive aspect to the designs. Emmanuel is therefore open to dialogue between client and designer, he tries to understand the request, and adjusts it according to his experience in order to satisfy his client.

In general, the creations are unique and exclusive, entirely handmade with engraving work that remains the characteristic DNA of Emmanuel’s work.
However, each of Emmanuel’s creations gives rise to a collection of personalised works made to order in the same spirit, with slightly different shapes and engravings that make each piece absolutely unique.

Emmanuel is open to all forms of innovative ideas and projects, loving to explore new possibilities other than those he usually approaches.
The world of interior design speaks to him a lot, he is very sensitive to it, constantly seeking to expand his work.
There is so much to do and explore, not only affecting his work on tables.