King Size Dinner Table / Conference Table
Aeronautical Alloy Aquatinted .
Inlays of Engraved Aquatinted Maillechort.
Edition: Unique piece.

Very special massive metal alloy (close to the titanium) sculpted and worked by lot of different process in the mass by hands.
The challenge was to give life and soul to a material of high technology and high precision produced by engineering to make aircraft and spaceship engines.
Can’t be casted or welded, just sculpted in the mass.

The Hyperion proto-supercluster is the largest and earliest known proto-supercluster, 5,000 times the mass of the Milky Way and seen at 20% of the current age of the universe. It was discovered in 2018.
Also, Hyperion, is a moon of Saturn discovered in 1848. It is distinguished by its irregular shape, its chaotic rotation, and its unexplained sponge-like appearance. It was the first non-round moon to be discovered.
In Greek mythology, Hyperion was one of the twelve Titan children of Gaia (Earth) and Uranus (Sky) who, led by Cronus, overthrew their father Uranus and were themselves later overthrown by the Olympians. With his sister, the Titaness Theia, Hyperion fathered Helios (Sun), Selene (Moon) and Eos (Dawn).

Table top is composed of two discrete individual parts for transport and handling.

Legs are separate.

Customizable projects available on demand.