EMMANUEL JONCKERS / Magic Cells Large Set

Magic Cells Large Set

Large Set of Coffee Tables
Engraved Aquatinted Brass.
Edition: Unique eatch pieces.

Magic cells are inspired representations of the cells of the human body, these cells that come together to make up who we are.
The beauty of this incredible combination that makes us exist.
A tribute to the magic of the universe and the elements we are made.

The advantage of the set is that you can combine the number of pieces and the layout as desired.
The idea is to create your own set according to your desires and change the layout from time to time to get something completely different in the interior design.
You can divide the set and place it at home as you wish.

Customizable projects available on demand.

Size for the group : Around 300cm x 250cm Height max : 44cm (depends of arrangements and the number of pieces).
Individual Size:
157cm x 117cm x 25cm
153cm x 100cm x 35cm
120cm x 80cm x 45cm
98cm x 53cm x 35cm