— A litle bit moore about Emmanuel Jonckers

Functional Precious Art Design

Each piece is unique, is created and performed as a oeuvre, with an approach of the subjects and a philosophical development of the creative idea. To the delight of collectors and especially for Emmanuel’s own pleasure.

The designer designs and combines practice and harmony in the environment and everyday life, he creates concepts to live. He explores the functional aspects of the elements.

The craftsman is in love with the material, he approaches it, tames it, he knows it, he masters the art of using his hands and tools in extension. It reveals the nobility of the material through his meticulous work.
He sublimates it through different processes. He knows the desired result and puts all his talent at the service of a specific goal.

By playing with materials, the artist experiments with the limits of the possible.
The artist creates with his heart and his emotions, he materializes the elements by giving them life and soul.
He explores the emotional interactions between his creations and the human being.

Emmanuel does not consider himself as a designer, as an artist or a craftsman, he sees himself as a mix all of them.

” For me a designer must know the materials, he must master his tools. He must know the limits to overcome them. “

Culture of science and quest of art

« My universe is in constant interaction with the sciences, to understand the material, the molecular structure of the elements and honor them. Constantly observe our surroundings is essential. Learn to see and understand is part of us because we are elusive explorers. »

« We send man into stars and physicists in matter, man is an explorer, he is never satisfied with what he knows, he wants to know more and more. We all seek something, and we will always seek, otherwise life will lose all its flavor. »

« My engravements represent the structured anarchy of elements, like open doors on organic and mineral. They are a projection of our universe’s reflexion. »

The material shaped by nature sensually mingles with the material human chemistry has shaped.

« I am fond of what comes out of the ground, and of complex settings human could create with chemistry. »

Emmanuel Jonckers has this philosophical mindset about how voluptuous elements can be. Organic or mineral, they are related by what they are composed of: carbon.

« I am fascinated by the Infinitely Great and the infinitely small, by organic and mineral, worlds that have no limits but those of imagination. I am fascinated by science, and the human capacity to read it and to understand it as he is beginning to do, by space and time, by quantum mechanics »

How did it happen ?

Since he was a child, Emmanuel Jonckers, a Belgian designer, has lived in the world of artistic furniture. Both his parents were creators of art furniture, their works were mostly in engraved metal.

“My father didn’t really know what to do with me, he used to take me to his workshop where I spent my days helping with the work and experimenting. Often I would go down to my mother’s workshop where she would draw the lines of the engraving with great care. I took my pencils and drawing sheets to join her in an almost meditative world dedicated to drawing and creation.

He grew up as a curious and passionate child. After the separation of his parents, he developed strong ties with his entourage, each relationship leading to a new passion: alchemy, the study of ancient scriptures including hieroglyphics and Kabbalistic characters with his spiritual father Roger Ferrari and his wife France Ferrari, really extraordinary characters with an atypical culture, also great friends and collaborators of Hergé the father of Tintin, geology with his grandfathers, one a geologist and the second a jeweller, the search for refined objects with his father-in-law who was an antique dealer
is close to Ado Chale’s universe being friends with his grandchildren and many other artists.
Since childhood, these encounters and experiences have stimulated his artistic senses and built his universe.

He studied art and worked to create interior designs and scenes. A jack-of-all-trades and lover of materials, he learned welding, engraving, glass, resin and woodworking. “I have worked in all kinds of craft and artistic fields: mechanics, decoration, building, digital, watchmaking, jewellery, etc.”.

He created his first works, lighting fixtures made from recycled bronze parts, giving old objects a new aesthetic. Since he was young, Emmanuel has followed in his father’s and mother’s footsteps by occasionally creating art materials.

He learned a lot from his father Armand Jonckers and his mother Nadie Jenatzy. For some years now, after a near-death experience followed by a ruptured aneurysm, having had a strong will and an incredible chance to survive, Emmanuel has been questioning life and its motivations, realising that the visible universe is only a part of the world around him. Struggling and reworking his brain, he redeveloped his cognitive system to improve his knowledge and understanding of the mechanisms of the elements, listening and perceiving better with instinct, which increased his sensitivity and perception.

« What makes you think an object is beautiful, what makes you feel good about seeing an object ? These are questions that we don’t always understand but that we regularly feel. In fact, it is our instinct that guides us, according to the codes of our personal evolution and the laws of the universe, which also means that we do not all have the same tastes. The problem is to be aware of this, Leonardo da Vinci understood most of these mechanisms. This forces us to be demanding of ourselves, to think carefully before we do things, or to let our instincts guide us naturally, which is less and less frequent nowadays.. »

It was at this point that Emmanuel fully emancipated to explore his own universe. Fascinated by the rocks beauty and noble materials, he aims at enhancing them while respecting the original material. He creates sober, sensual and timeless objects, which sole presence is fascinating although they are delicately subtle, naturally and easily fitting in any interiors of any style. « I am not trying to do spectacular, I think it does not remain in time. The way I see it, spectacular is already there in the universe. You only have to take the time to behold it deeply. »

In his soberly and sensually curved pieces, the artist makes inclusions of noble metals and alloys, he draws and interprets the reliefs of metals by drawing inspiration from the elements that are part of the universe.