Large Coffee Table.
Engraved Aquatinted Maillechort.
Sliced trunk of purple beech

Edition: Unique piece.

In Sardinian folklore, the gianes are protective fairies

There was a time when the beech tree was the tree of the Mother Goddess. It was associated with Eurynome, the creator of the world. In the early days of Greek antiquity, the beech tree guided the priests. The rustling of its leaves delivered messages.

This tree has become a symbol of femininity in many cultures. It represented knowledge, wisdom, patience and creation. For example, for the Celts it was dedicated to Belisama, goddess of community and home, while for some Nordic peoples it was the tree of Hertha, goddess of Mother Earth.

Finally, it has inspired all sorts of popular beliefs and superstitions. Among them, since the Middle Ages, the beech tree has had the reputation of sheltering fairies in its shade. They dance around it under its foliage where nothing else grows but young beech trees. Thus the fairies protect the beech trees.

Emmanuel selected a slice of a beech tree trunk that was particularly appealing to him because of its fantastic and unusual appearance, and he used it as a basis for inspiration and exploited its nature to extrapolate it into a work of art in its own right.

Size : Around 253cm x 145cm Height : 35cm
Can be configurate on different size Tables.

Customizable projects available on demand.