The Process

— how are we going to do it together..

Collectors, Architects, Interior Designers, Curators

Of course nothing better than real contact to develop a creation project.

That is, we can still progress on projects by following a certain effective working method. Things are easier to implement than we think.

Some steps that will make our work easier.

Follow the work process…

First take a look on artworks and see what kind of piece attracts you.

Choice of kind of piece to produce, coffee table, light fixture, dining table, etc..

Choice of appearance, free form, rectangular, etc..

Determine the dimensions of the project.


Choice of a base of materials, mineral, metal

Choose a creation in stone with inclusions or a art piece completely in metal

Choice of the type of engravings
Organic or Geometric

It should please give details what kind of engraving you prefer
Each engraving patterns is different, made entirely by hand, just need to have an idea which one you like the most
For inlays in the stone.
As well as for totally metallic projects

It is important that I understand your project, destination, places, people, the environment.

To do this a better idea of the place where you want a creation you can send a description.

You can also send a plan or a photo of the environment

If we can advise you on your project it is with pleasure

Process and method of sales

Specify if you go through a gallery that represents Emmanuel Jonckers.

Or if you want to work in a direct line with Emmanuel.

It is important to note that it does not affect the sale price.

After which the work of creation begins

We send you different proposals according to your directives.

With production deadlines.

If everything suits us, we start the implementation and the realization of your creation.